F/S- Chocolate Equipment (Bean to Bar)- Melanger, Behmor Roaster, Tempering Machine

04/28/17 13:55:49
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Looking for one or many lucky buyer's to purchase my below bean to bar making equipment (images included).  Thanks!

-you may contact me here or at JoyNovick@gmail.com  

-equipment will be shipped from San Antonio, TX, where they reside.

1. Chocovision, Revolation V Tempering Machine

- Purchased brand new, August 25, 2016 and comes with all equipment that arrived in the package

Electrical specs below apply to the 110V model.

Price (brand new)- $1786.13

Used: $1486.13 (plus shipping)

- note this was used a total of 13 times, comes with the box and owner manual
  • 15.5 inch x 15.5 inch x 6.5 inch high
  • 110 volt, 750 watt, 7 amp
  • LED temperature display
  • Bowl Pause
  • Overnight (standby) mode
  • Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air
  • 5 lb. capacity (9 lbs. with holey baffle, included)
  • Can produce about 50 lbs of tempered chocolate per day
  • Removable bowl
  • NSF approved
  • Little maintenance needed
  • 1 year parts & labor warranty by Chocovision
1.5 lbs. minimum capacity

The Revolation V comes with an instruction manual, as well as 1 bowl, 1 baffle, 1 holey baffle, 1 baffle brush, a set of knobs and 1 lid.

2. Premier Large Chocolate - Refiner

Purchased, Oct 18th, 2016

Price: $324.75 (brand new)

Used: $260.00 (plus shipping)

- please note this item was used only 2 times, comes with the box and instruction manual


3. Behmor 1600 Gourmet Coffee Roaster

Purchased: July 5, 2016

Price (brand new): $399.43

Used: $299.43 (plus shipping)

- used a total of 13 times, comes with box and owner manual

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06/08/17 11:47:54
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Is the Melanger still available? 

06/23/17 20:41:21
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Can I ask you, would the refiner work for making but butters, so you think? If so, I would be interested. You can email me at Christy @ christysconfections .com (no spaces)


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Two changes we made with the chocolate is that this time we winnowed the chocolate. This time we didn't use a blow dryer to melt the chocolate. Two improvements with the chocolate is that the melanger didn't get clogged this time and everyone put in work.