Chocolate Tempering Machine for under 1000$

Assem A. Hendawi
09/04/13 12:24:04PM
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Hello Guys

First of all I must say that my experience when it comes to chocolate making is tiny.
So maybe I am asking for the wrong thing anyways if I do correct me,.

I plan to make chocolate for now in the simplest way, the chocolate couverture way.

I intend to buy couverture chocolate, melt them and mold again with different fillings.

Where I come from (Egypt) a lot of people can monetize on that, the sooner that I have enough experience and enough money I'll turn to bean to bar chocolate making.

So from what I know the important thing (or rather the only thing) when making chocolate out of couverture is melting-tempering process.

For that I need a tempering machine, under 1000 USD with capacity of at least 3-5 kg and please mention if you know how long does it take to melt-temper the chocolate



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Potomac Chocolate
09/04/13 02:30:21PM
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I think the only machine that approaches your requirements and price is the ACMC tempering machine which is about $800 and can do 6 lbs/3 kg. You may be better off with one of the Chocovisions (x3210 or delta) though. They're more expensive, but can do 10 lbs with the standard baffle and 17 lbs with the holey baffle. Also, there have been several comments on this forum and on Chocolate Alchemy about problems with the ACMC.


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