Early February 2014 Member Update - Chocoa Fair, Conference, and Festival

Clay Gordon
02/07/14 08:58:48AM
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This is an archive copy of the email newsletter for those who do not get the newsletters. For comments and questions, contact the organizers directly or post on the Event Listing on TheChocolateLife .

Hello from the depths of Winter here in the New York area:

I am excited to be able to share with ChocolateLife members some advance program details for the upcoming Chocoa Trade Fair, Conference, and Festival in Amsterdam at the end of March, 2014. News that warms me up - and that I hope will warm you up, as well.

Chocoa was founded in 2013 to promote sustainable cacao and chocolate. They have set the goal that all chocolate in the country will be sustainable by the year 2025. But the cacao and chocolate trade is larger than any one country , even though Holland plays a central role as a major producer of semi-finished and finished products as well as serving as one of the largest ports of entry for cocoa beans from around the world.

That's why, for Chocoa 2014, we have organized programs for the international community during the first Chocoa Trade Fair and Conference (to be held March 27-28). One of the features of the Trade Fair that I am especially excited about is the focus on connecting chocolate makers - especially craft producers - directly with growers, and vice versa.

We are looking for your support and participation:

IF you are a chocolate maker who is looking to connect directly with growers , then Chocoa 2014 provides you the opportunity to meet one-on-one (with translation support)with growers. You will be able tosample beans and ask questions of the farmers about their trees, farms, post-harvest processing practices and more. Over the course of the Trade Fair you can meet many growers from many different parts of the world. While you may not wish to conduct business or place orders during Chocoa, you will have made connections that will guide your trips to origin making them more productive and fruitful.

IF you are a grower (or broker working with small farms) who is looking to connect directly with chocolate makers and other processors of cocoa , then Chocoa 2014 provides you the opportunity to meet one-on-one with chocolate makers from around the world. You will be able to share your beans, cocoa liquor, and your story with them and get them to come and visit the farm and factory so they can gain the first-hand knowledge they seek about their sources.

IF you are a chocolate maker or grower looking to connect with importers, distributor, brokers, and agents ,then Chocoa 2014 provides you the opportunity to meet one-on-one with key contacts from around the world.

If you are a company that provides products or services to chocolate makers or growers , then you can have a stand and have a presence at the Fair as well. Chocoa is actively looking for Sponsors to help support all of the events being organized for Chocoa this year. Sponsors will be able to raise their profile to a targeted professional audience not just at the Trade Fair, but also the Conference for professionals, the Festival that is open to the public and to the participants of an exclusive master class for chefs. Sponsorship rates are very reasonable for the value and exposure provided.

For chocolate makers, growers, and sponsors alike, the Chocoa Conference program offers the opportunity to meet and learn from stakeholders involved in all aspects of the cacao to chocolate supply chain. There will be representatives of banks, logistical firms, and more to help you meet the challenges you face growing your business, especially with respect to securing your cocoa bean supply. The Chocoa Festival provides the occasion to share your work and your passion with thousands of chocolate lovers from around Holland and Europe.

If you are a chocolate maker, grower, or a potential sponsor interested in participating in Chocoa 2014 , contact the organizers at tradefair@chocoa.nl for more information as well as to ask for registration forms. The organizers are working with Dutch government and private organizations to provide assistance to get Visas (where necessary) and expedite the shipping and customs clearance of bean samples to make participating in Chocoa 2014 as easy as possible.

I hope to see many of you in Amsterdam at the end of March,
:: Clay

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Adriennne Henson
02/07/14 09:19:46PM
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Oh would like I to be able to go just to learn and understand more and this will be a future goal

Yes I am putting it out there


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