Chocolatier Bar Maker turns into success, such an inspiring story

Wannabe Chocolatier
02/25/14 09:40:37PM
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I was looking for ideas to distribute bars and this article pop up.

This is a excellent story and reflects many of us who want to initiate or are already in the business.

Read in between the lines and you can get many answers and details.Look at the type of shops he distributes to, mostly gourmet shops. That's really great.

I which in my country their would be more fancy stores like this so I can expand more easily.

I will try to distribute to candy shops, gourmet artesanal candies and fancy bakeries with 1oz. bars.

Is someone has any thoughts or want to share any story your are welcome.

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Adriennne Henson
02/27/14 10:28:33PM
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I liked the article and his bars look good


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