The Craft Chocolate-Maker's Handbook. Call for Submissions.

Clay Gordon
07/20/09 06:51:07PM
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Ever since I got done with my first book, people have been asking me about the next one. After nearly two years of considering a bunch of different ideas, I've finally decided what the next book will be all about:Making chocolate from the bean for fun and (maybe) profit.From the attached Call for Submissions document:
Cacao is a New World plant and since the conquest of Mesoamerica and the subsequent appropriation of the cocoa bean by Europeans, New World chocolate makers, chocolatiers, and confectioners have suffered from an inferiority complex regarding the quality of chocolate produced in the lands of origin of theobroma cacao (t. cacao cacao): the food of the Gods.

For nearly a decade, a new generation of chocolate makers have shaken the very foundations of the world of craft chocolate production and now the New World is home to companies producing much of the most interesting chocolate in the world.

The Craft Chocolate Movement in the New World is just now approaching the threshold of interest and awareness that the craft brew movement reached some two decades ago. What catapulted the craft brew movement was the availability of information about process, technique, and equipment, as well as access to sources for equipment and ingredients. While much of this information is available to the person interested in craft chocolate making today, it is not as accessible or as well organized as it needs to be. This book is being produced to address that need.
Interested in contributing? Download the Call for Submissions to learn more. Questions? Post them here.

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Frank Schmidt
07/21/09 03:21:32PM
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I'd be happy to make my little contribrution to your book, Clay. I have recently written about a 6 page (in Word for Windows) description of the process of home cocoa roasting and processing through to finished chocolate using the Chocolate Alchemy machines. I've included photos and a dozen hyper-links to reference sites supporting the process. In exchange, I'd like to get someone to help post this to Wikipedia. There is such a description for home coffee roasting but none as yet for home chocolate roasting. My "tome" is finished but the Wikipedia posting process is a maze to me. I don't have time to put the pages up; the hard work is done, just posting it is all that's left.The Best to YouGood Luck on your next Book
07/23/09 02:58:40AM
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I like the sound of the book Clay, I look forward to it.


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