Madre Chocolate online shop is now open

04/13/11 07:26:00AM
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Thanks to Clay for posting this on his DiscoverChocolate Daily News!

Madre Chocolate Online Store is open
Enjoy our made-in-Hawai'i and locally sourced Amaranth Crunch, Triple Cacao, Pink Peppercorn & Kiawe Smoked Salt, Hibiscus, Chipotle Allspice, and Hawaiian and Costa Rican 70% chocolate bars available all over the US, Canada, Mexico, and 14 other countries.

We've already sent out hundreds of bars over the last few weeks to beta testers from our online shop and the reviews have been unanimously glowing for the packaging, flavors, and quality of the stone ground chocolate! If you want to spread the word and include your friends in the pleasures of eating gourmet Hawaiian-made chocolate, please let them know about our shop . Please come back often as we're always developing new flavors.

Let us know ifyou have questions about the shop or are setting up something similar and we'd be happy to offer our advice on how we did it, and the pros and cons of some of the different online shops we've looked at.

Nat Bletter, PhD
Chocolate R&D
Madre Chocolate

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