Strange chocolate-no saturated fat?

03/23/10 03:44:48PM
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A potential customer asked me this question:

Do you have chocolate that fulfills these requirements:

1. At least 70% cacao solids

2. A minute quantity of sugar

3. No saturated fats

After a back and forth including lengthy explanations about chocolate he came out and told me that he is reading a book called "Ultra Metabolism" in which they suggest a chocolate like this. I assume it is that Mars invention of CocoaVia or Hersheys new invention of a "healthy" bar.

Anyway it is something not "natural" .

Any ideas on what else it could be? Anyone read the book? Got curious, if not a bit flustered (to be polite)at the idea.

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Clay Gordon
03/23/10 04:11:58PM
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70% cocoa solids is no problem as, technically, the solids refer both to the fat and non-fat content of the chocolate.Cocoa butter is a saturated fat - it's solid at room temp. So, no go there. You could, I suppose, use a 100% non-fat cocoa powder and some other fat - but I don't know of an unsaturated fat that is solid at room temp with some very serious processing (e.g., hydrogenation). And then, at least in the US, if you replace the cocoa butter with another fat, you can't call it chocolate.Sort of by definition, a 70% cocoa content chocolate contains about 30% sugar. You could replace the sugar with something else, of course.So, you're right. Whatever it is, it's not natural (and it's not chocolate). I will pun on Michael Pollan and call these (what ever they are) chocolate-like substances.:: Clay

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Vanessa Chang
03/23/10 04:21:41PM
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I've come across equally perplexing questions and requests in regards to finding chocolate. Sugar-free. Gluten-free. Some answers are obvious. Some, like the one for your situation, is not."Ultra Metabolism" obviously doesn't take into account a typical fine dark chocolate bar's ingredient list that as Clay alluded to is something even Michael Pollan would approve of. And though fine chocolate as we know it are several procedural steps away from the cacao bean itself, I would argue that the beans have always done the body good to fuel long distance messengers and inspire warriors. But then again, many nuts and seeds get a bad wrap for its high fat content. People seem to forget that these things are meant to nourish another potential tree/plant and therefore requires dense -- and very pure -- energy.
03/24/10 10:55:29AM
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okay. Thanks. Yes! nature was not meant necessarily for our pleasure-obviously!! Thanks for reminding me of that!!


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