Pricing in weight opposed to per piece?

Dirke Botsford
12/09/10 12:21:04AM
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Just getting things going here and am doing what I have been avoiding before the year runs out, figure out how to price our confections. By weight or by piece?

By the piece I can figure out, I think? how do you do it by weight? did I mention math is not my strong point?

What do you use? why? is one better than the other? I only ask because some shops want to buy by weight rather than per piece? Not sure why? Any advice would be great on any of the above....

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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
12/09/10 11:48:15PM
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Dept of Ag tells me that I have to sell by weight, not piece. I get around this by pricing by the piece but putting the weight on the box. Did that make any sense?

Dirke Botsford
12/10/10 12:28:06AM
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It makes sense. I am wonder why the weight is requested? I don't know anyone that would really care one way or another, I believe? Still want to work it out so i know. thanks for the input, it's appreciated

Clay Gordon
12/13/10 02:46:57PM
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Pricing by weight makes it easier for consumers to compare the prices of similar products. It's not a universal requirement ... there are many chocolate stores here in NYC that sell by the piece and do not advertise price/weight.

In Paris, I noticed that pricing was by weight for everything - boxed (which makes sense) and loose pieces.

Pricing by the piece makes sense to reduce sticker shock. A 15-gram piece costing $2 means that 2 pieces cost $4, which, to some, is less costly than $60+/pound, which is the equivalent.

In the end, I think it's really up to what are the local rules for pricing (if there are any - and where Ruth is there are), plus the local market's perception about pricing is.

I like the mix of both - professionally speaking - because it enables me to establish value for products based on my experience with other chocolates.

clay -
Dirke Botsford
12/13/10 03:47:43PM
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thanks for the input, by the box does make sense and I already do that. Locally it's either or, nothing set. I will do some more research though.thanks

Robyn Dochterman
01/11/11 01:48:10AM
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It might make a difference who your customers are. Are they walk-in retail traffic in a touristy area? I started a shop last summer and priced by the piece, mainly because it was quick and simple to ring people up, and almost everyone bought out of the case. But if your customers will buy boxes, then that might make the most sense.
Casey Hickey
01/11/11 08:27:26AM
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i price by piece in my retail shop out of the case, and boxed chocolates are by collection. that is, they get a price break starting at 12 pieces if they buy boxed. otherwise you pay the same price/piece for smaller boxes (the 4pc and 6pc boxes) as you would buying out of the case. i DO put the weight on every box we pre-package, as that is required by Ag Dept, along with ingredient list and allergy info. my walk-in traffic does not balk at my per piece costs, but we're in a rather high-end district and are also part of a wine shop so that drives a certain type of customer anyway....


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