Saving a batch at home (doesn't temper/solidify properly)

03/10/13 08:57:57AM
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Something went wrong with my current batch at home. It's a relatively large batch for me so I'm trying to rescue it. I originally used 2kg cacao liquor, 1 kg cocoa butter, and 1k sugar. It ended up very runny to the point where it wouldn't all stay in the same side of my Revolation as some would run back through the bottom. When I molded it, it just never solidified, maybe finally overnight but not in the 75 mins it normally does and definitely not tempered. I thought perhaps I had too much cocoa butter so I added in 1 kg of store-bough Callbut chocolate liquor, and then another. Still no luck, just to thin.

It's the best flavor I achieved so far so I'm really frustrated. Any ideas and can it be saved?

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03/10/13 06:49:28PM
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Perhaps tempering it by hand so that you don't need seed?



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