How to get venues for my organic cocoa farm

Emilio Perez
06/03/13 10:06:27AM
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How can I export my organic cacao to any interested .
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06/03/13 08:52:16PM
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You may want to start by indicating where your beans are from, what type they are (hispanola or sanchez - it may not be obvious to everyone), the quantities you've got available, etc...

art erben
07/17/13 03:02:18PM
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I might have some interest, it really depends on your location

Steven Shipler
08/06/13 03:36:56PM
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I would be interested if I could get some origin info and some pricing

Clay Gordon
08/06/13 07:56:50PM
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Emilio -

I have to agree that the first step is to let people know where your farm is located and some information about the beans (variety, fermentation, grade), and the quantities you have to ship. Without that information it's almost impossible to know where to start.

clay -
Emilio Perez
08/20/13 10:23:40PM
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The farm is located in the Dominican Republic , San Francisco de macoris. I'm currently in the country I will try take pictures of the area and upload it here along with more detailed information .
08/21/13 08:53:54PM
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I know it well, i've spent a great deal of time there. But, for those who haven't, perhaps you could describe the differences in your cocoa (ie hispanola or sanchez), and if hispanola - what the fermentation looks like and what the flavor profile of the beans that result from them look like?


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