Static electricity and molds

02/17/14 09:55:08AM
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I mold most of my chocolate and thus far have to wash each one with soap and water after every use to avoid left behind cocoa butter marking up the next batch. I do this because the usual method, wiping/polishing, creates static electricity which makes the chocolate fly all over the place as it's going from the syringe into the mold.

Anyone know a solution to this static problem?

A thought: The molds I'm using are not polycarbonite which a quick google seems to suggest has anti static properties (google polycarbonite static and it's all about anti static stuff).

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Clay Gordon
02/17/14 03:31:07PM
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One way might be simply mechanical. An anti-static matand wrist strap. Total price under $20.

The other thing might be what you're using to polish the molds with (which is ... ?).

clay -
02/17/14 05:12:27PM
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Thanks Clay,

I'd read of people using wristbands. I'll look around the workshop today to see if there's something I can ground myself on besides the kitchen faucet since where I live that would be a 2$ option ;-)

Using paper towel to wipe. I see others like makeup pads but are those food grade? Cosmetics aren't nearly as regulated as food industry goods. So I'm very hesitant.

Anyway I'm headed in to work early to do some experiments. Thus baffles me because I work in an environment that's regularly over 70% humidity and can't imagine what kind of static I'd be facing of I were in a 'normal' chocolate making environment.


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