New category suggestion: "Science"

05/03/14 10:17:03AM
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Would you be able to add a new category called "Science"? This would be a place to discuss all of the scientific aspects of cacao and chocolate such as biochemistry etc.

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Clay Gordon
05/03/14 01:16:57PM
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There is already a group called The Science of Chocolate. I think it makes sense if everything get posted there (updates get listed in the Activity list). If you like I can give you some admin rights in the group that you can use to help members more aware of what's going on and we can send general emails to all members about the groups.

One a more prosaic note, if you can help me find a sponsor for the group we can share the revenue.

clay -
05/03/14 01:20:55PM
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Sure, give me Admin rights. I don't have much time available, but maybe I can do a little for the group.


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