what did I do to my chocolate?

Alan Caldwell
10/10/14 04:51:20PM
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Ive been dabbling a bit lately with making bonbons.

I have used a friends tempering machine to get the temper right. For the first batch of bonbons

Ive had a few bonbons stick, but thats a different post.

Ive gotten a bit of "leftover" choc. Its from when I empty the molds. Ive tried to reheat the choc to retemper it. I put the choc into a small plastic container, into the water bath of my thermocirculator. 48C till its all melted, and I checked the temp. It was kind of lumpy, small sand grain sized "lumps". They are barely perceptible on your palate, but you definitely see it.

I bumped the temp upto 50C, and let it sit for 45 min. No better. I have attached a pic of the choc, at 50C after I tried to blend out the lumps with a stick blender.

Whats going on?

-choc; is callebaut callet c811



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Mark Heim
10/12/14 05:22:53PM
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At 50C your cocoa butter is melted, but you have small agglomerates formed when your "leftover" cooled uncontrolled. If you smear the warm chocolate between your fingers or on your tongue and feel nothing more than soft clotted texture this may be all it is. Try an immersion blender in the chocolate while hot and they should disappear as they're broken up by the high shear.

Alan Caldwell
10/13/14 02:16:36PM
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Thank you Mark. Will try that out.




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