Guitar Cutter Wires Keep Breaking

Mickey Miller
12/23/15 03:29:34PM
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I have a Dedy guitar cutter that keeps breaking wires.  I work full-time outside of my chocolate business, so I'm not there enough to know if my staff are doing something to cause it or not.  Every one of my staff have broken them.  I've contacted both Dedy and TCF, where I bought the cutter, to ask for troubleshooting advice, but thought I'd try here, too.

My husband, who often gets stuck repairing the strings when we're busy (he is a musician, and they are similar to actual guitar strings) thinks my staff is not cleaning the wires quickly enough and the buildup is causing resistance.  I wipe down the wires after every pass, but I'm not sure all of my staff does the same.

They are also not immediately replacing some broken wires, which I think may be causing uneven pressure?

Some wires are breaking at the handle end (which comes down through the ganache last), some at the other end.

Wondering if the repaired wires are not all being wound in the same direction, or are not all consistently taut?  Could the wire itself be weakened?  I've had the cutter for several years and am still replacing with the original wire I received.

I've never found any detailed suggestions from Dedy or online about how to replace the wires or troubleshoot, so we've just been winging it.

Very frustrated.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
12/24/15 12:56:52AM
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I have had my Dedy for years. I had a learning curve and broke several strings when it was new. Since then, I am careful to wipe wires between each cut, make sure that if there is a ittle bit of thicker chocolate, I push the wire with my fingers until it cuts through. I only cut ganaches, not caramels. I also try to make sure the wires play the same note. I know I am probably wierd that way, but I figure that means they have the same tension. If whom ever breaks it has to replace it, they might be more careful, as it isn't a fun job to replace them.

12/24/15 09:13:10PM
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I had string troubles as well. I ordered some 0.8 wire from TCF and while it is a lot thicker than the original 0.5 wire,  I havent broken any of the thicker wires. Our coconut fondant is pretty tough to cut because the shredded coconut catches on the wires and essentially makes them thicker. 

the thicker wire has been worth the cost.

Mickey Miller
12/28/15 10:58:52PM
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Thanks, @ruth-atkinson-kendrick and @larry2.  I, too, wipe wires between each cut, push the wire through thicker ganache and don't cut caramel.  My husband also suggested a new policy of "you break it, you replace it."  I had time today to replace all of the broken wires (12!) and as annoying as it was, it was actually good to be able to get some momentum and figure out a good system.  When you only replace them on occasion, it's easy to forget the best way to do it.  So I'm creating a manual, a policy and scheduling a training session.  Larry, I think I will try the .8 wire.

I got a response (2, actually) from Dedy...which was ZERO help.  They sent me the manual I already have, which has very little direction and no troubleshooting guidance.  And they sent me very lengthy emails telling me about all their great equipment.


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