What 15-30kg roaster would you choose?

Delcour Thomas
12/05/17 12:06:01PM
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Hi it's me again,

As I explained in my previous post we are expanding and I am also looking for advice on roaster.
I will definitely go for a drum roaster, but their is quite some choice out there, so could you please share your experience on what to look at for a good roaster.

-I think I will go for a gas one, what do you think?
-I know there is some modification to make on the coffee roaster but could you please tell us which ones?
- And about the size, someone told me "If you think you need 10kg go for 20kg" What do you think about that? Is it wise to go for a bit bigger than you think?
-Any model or maker suggestion are of course welcome ;)

Again thank you so much for sharing.


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Francis Murchison
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"No longer for sale. I moved the parts with me to PR and will be doing chocolate with it here."
@seantaylor1226 • 4 weeks ago • comments: 5
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"Hi Francis, Did you ever get rid of that home made winnower that you were selling a while back?  I am looking to purchase one. Thanks,Sean"
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Hisham El-Abiad
@hisham-el-abiad • 3 months ago
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