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Firstly, I would like to thank you for this site and forum, it's very useful, really !

I am going to start a small chocolate business, and I found a lot of information about machines, technology... but I have one question about the cooling of my bars after molding. What is the temperature of cooling the chocolate molds in the fridge ? What type of fridge do you use ? What about condensation issues ?

Thank you in advance !


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10/13/11 08:29:41PM
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From JP Wybauw - cooling should be 10 C cooler than your room temperature with a fan to circulate the air. Items should be put in the cooler as soon as you start to see signs of crystallization around the edges. They should not be left in long enough for condensation to form when you remove them from the cooler.

10/14/11 02:14:51AM
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Hello Kerry,

thank you for your help. I know that some people let the chocolate harden in the same room ( 18-20C) and they say that there is no problem; but It's slower, and there is always a risk I think.

I found something like a fridge, not very expensive, and it goes up to 10C, so, It will be ok.

Thanks again !


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