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I may be late to the chocolate scene, but the good news is that I got here.  Finally!  My background varies greatly, from retail to corporate training and administration, from university administration to nonprofit.  Through it all, though, there is a key common denominator:  I am a builder of people and programs.  I have a penchant for grasping the larger, over-arching "systems" in our lives - the connectedness and patterns of things, if you will - and I love bringing that ability to the fray as I work with and through people to accomplish goals.

In chocolate, I relish both the science and artistry that comes with it.  In a moment of true confession, within my own family I come in a distant third as a "lover of chocolate." (My wife and older son outpace me in that category! Wink   )  Yet, as I began to consider the connectedness and history of chocolate, it opened my eyes to something that I should have been doing long ago. There is a reason that chocolate reveals itself at almost exactly the same temperature as the human body.  Quite simply, we were made for each other!  For me, it has been a miraculous discovery of self, and that's why I call my works Milagro Chocolate.  My journey is about exploring the miracle in chocolate - a tasty confection that is actually quite good for you - and it's also about the miracle that it can bring about in you.

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