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Production of dark chocolate bean to bar / Melangeur 50 kg KADZAMA

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Duration: 00:03:05
The easiest to work among others, melangeur Kadzama perfectly grind up cacao nibs with cane sugar, producing origin chocolate. One machine completes all the processes: pre-grinding, grinding, conching, mixing, homogenizing. No need to buy other equipment units. It is also used for the production of nut-butter, praline, urbech, hummus, janduja etc.
Chocolate making is one of the most simple and profitable business. 25 square meters are enough to launch manufacturing, and small equipment set from which also includes the melangeur.

Производить свой шоколад просто и выгодно. Для организации производства достаточно 25 кв. метров и небольшого комплекта оборудования от в который входит меланжер.