Free - Bulk Wholesale Bonbon packaging

05/16/16 18:20:44
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FS Bulk wholesale bonbon packaging

Location: Boston

Cost: Free + shipping

We purchased these a couple of years ago for a wholesale account, but ended up not using them.  They're taking up a bit of space in our limited storage area and I'd love to move them on.  We've used just a few of them, maybe 5% of the stock at most.  We paid $205 (not including shipping), and would be delighted if someone would take them off our hands


Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
05/16/16 22:44:05
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I would be interested. Can you get me a shipping quote for 84403?

05/17/16 16:57:36
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Hi - thanks for your interest!  I have someone else who expressed interest from a different forum so will be back in touch if they end up not taking them.  Elaine