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Clay Gordon
04/26/17 13:17:25 @clay:

Eric -

Welcome to TheChocolateLife! Lots of experienced hands here willing to help out.

Where is your farm?

:: Clay

Eric K. Meredith
04/26/17 14:13:27 @eric-k-meredith:

Hello Clay, our farm is in Sunyani Ghana. It is only Twelve (12) acres, but it is a start. I have been trying to figure out on how to ask a question on Start up Central, But maybe you could advise. I have purchased all of the equipment to do everything, but we are just starting. I am from the U.S. But I married a Ghanaian so we live in Ghana for the last SIX (6) years. & love Chocolate. The Hydraulic Cocoa Butter Press only had a FOUR (4) page manual & didn't say anything about making Cocoa Butter. I did get TWO (2) different videos from the Manufacturer, but they used (NIBBS) & not Cocoa Paste is everything I have ever read about. Video #1) shows the (NIBBS) placed in a White Cloth Bag that was closed & then a Felt Pad was placed on top of the bag. A metal Plate was then placed on the Felt Pad, the lid was closed & the Machine was turned on. Mostly CREAMY WHITISH oil came out into the collection bowl. But it still had Brown particles that should be filtered.

Video #2) They only put STRAIGHT (NIBBS) into the press without anything. Then the metal Plate on top of the (NIBBS) & turned on the press. What looked like OILY CHOCOLATE (DARK BROWN) oil came out into the collection bowl. So I believed that the Bag & felt Pad helped to Filter out most of the Cocoa from the oil.

My question is, if I use the recommended COCOA PASTE instead of the (NIBBS) into the bags. I picture a CHOCOLATE MESS. Is there anyone out there with knowledge or experience that could explain to me on how to make quality FILTERED COCOA BUTTER to make WHITE CHOCOLATE???? 

I hated to OVER KILL YOU with your very pleasant welcoming, but I could not figure out how to post. If someone could explain the posting to me I would be very grateful. But if someone could also help me answer the above I would be deep in debt to you. Thank you clay for giving the time & chane to talk I would love to hear & read about what you have going??Thanks,