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Founder of Gem Chocolates located in the Kerrisdale neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada. Opened the retail shop in 2011..and going strong. 

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Glenn Knowles
@glenn-knowles • 9 years ago

Check out the many awards we have won at our website .

Glenn Knowles
@glenn-knowles • 9 years ago

2009 Completed Ecole Chocolat's Online Course with Honours

2009 Lunched Gem Chocolates as an online business

2011 Opened first retail space in the Kerrisdale neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada



helmut placek
10/30/11 18:41:38 @helmut-placek:
Hello Glenn,

Thank you for reaching out to connect.
I understand you are interested in my chocolate molds, as far as I remember I added the specs in the listing. Please check it out and feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

I listed 2 different bar molds, which of the 2 would you be interested in?

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you again. You can also contact me directly through my e-mail at

Best regards

Helmut Placek