Franceshi Chocolate - Anyone had experience with there cocoa beans?

James Hull
09/22/15 07:17:58AM
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Hi everyone,

I recently got into contact with someone from Franceshi Chocolate about buying some of their cocoa beans, has anyone used them for their bean to bar chocolate, or anyone had any experience with them?

Clay Gordon
09/22/15 05:15:10PM
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James -

I've known Alberto Franceschi for about five years now, and Domori has used beans grown by Franceschi on the Hacienda San Jose for their origin and varietal bars. So I think that those beans can be used to make very good chocolates. I am not sure which beans you are looking to purchase, but they do know what they are doing.

Getting the export permits could be challenging, but perhaps the beans are already in a warehouse outside Venezuela.

clay -
James Hull
09/25/15 12:02:58PM
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Thanks Clay, i must confess i hadnt actually heard of them before so was curious to see if anyone had used them on here. I am meeting with a Casa Franceshi representative, Juan Diego Franceshi, on tuesday in London so sounds promising that they have either warehoused it in the UK or in Europe.