Looking for a quality Caribbean chocolate bar

03/06/17 08:53:52AM
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Good morning everyone -

I am Pete, the Food & Beverage Director of the soon-to-be opened Park Hyatt St. Kitts resort. One of Park Hyatt's values is to integrate our brand into the communities we are located. We try to provide an authentic experience, embracing local customs and products.

To this end I am searching for a high quality chocolate bar to place in our minibars. I haven't been able to source anything suitable in St. Kitts and Nevis, so am expanding my search to neighbouring Caribbean islands. As the product will be in the minibar, a longer shelf life is preferable.

If you have a suitable product, or know of a product, please get in touch here.

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03/06/17 03:53:13PM
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You might consider contacting the governments of Trinidad/Tobago, or Jamaica as they both fund activities in this area.  There's a few in grenada as well (although i've not had them for some time).  A great deal of cocoa grows in the DR as well, and i'd suggest you speak with Max at Rizek cacao.

Alternatively, give my family a room for a week and i'll teach you how to do it yourself ;-)