For Sale - Meltinchoc Chocolate Melter - Minn., USA

Robyn Dochterman
08/15/16 06:37:51PM
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Like new! This chocolate melter/warmer enables you to melt chocolate and maintain chocolate in a tempered state with its accurate thermostat. The outer construction is thermo-resistant plastic, with a removable stainless steel pan. 

• 110 volts. 200 W.
• 17" length x 15" width x 5.5" height.
• Temperature range is from 0 to 60 °C (0 to 140 °F). 
• Capacity of 9 liters (9.5 quarts).

$500 includes shipping to continental US location. If wanting to have it shipped elsewhere, please let me know and we'll figure out shipping price.

chocolatewarmersm.jpg  •  159KB

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Robyn Dochterman
08/20/16 02:56:31PM
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If you are in the continental US, I will ship to you for the $500 price.

Paul DeFruscio2
08/25/16 07:01:19AM
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I am interested in purchasing this melting unit.  I plan on using it for a trade show for demos.  My question how long will it take to melt 5 pounds of mild chocolate.  I plan on using Callebaut 823, and will make bars with my trays.  As I am not in the chocoalte making business, would appreciate your attention to this question.


Paul DeFruscio

08/25/16 06:31:34PM
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Paul - when I use a melter I put the chocolate in the night before - by morning it is melted and the temperature can be turned down for the tempering process.

Robyn Dochterman
08/25/16 08:02:28PM
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Thanks, Kerry. Much appreciate you sharing your experience.