WTB: Cacao bags made of jute/burlap

Robyn Dochterman
07/01/17 22:53:52
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I'm doing some redecorating in my shop and an interested in using cacao bags for decor. Please shoot me an email at info@stcroixchocolateco.com with what you have and what you'd like for them. Interested in wide variety of origins. Thank you.

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07/02/17 18:30:19
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I am not sure if you are planning on using real used cocoa bags but I would caution you on this. I purchased some from BurlapFabric.com expecting to do the same - decorate my store and it was a HUGE mistake. Since the fermented beans are shipped in these bags...they stink to high heaven. There was such a bad smell from the cocoa bags that I had to store them in my garage until I figured that even washing wasn't going to save them. I ended up having to toss all of them.

They were super cool to look at and seemed like they would be great decor but in the end I was told from other chocolatiers, the smell in the bags is pretty common and does not come out.

Robyn Dochterman
07/02/17 20:03:25
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H'mm. Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate it. Since the smell comes from fermentation, and that produces acetic acid, I wonder if the bags could be washed in a tub of baking soda (a base) to counteract the smell. Anyone tried this? I would be happy to try it if I can get any of you chocolate makers to send me some bags. I will pay!

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