Tempering Machine can I keep adding chocolate chips?

Tet Kay
11/05/23 03:28:48AM
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When I use a temperimg machine and melt the chocolate to 115 and then add chocolate chips (the seeding method) to bring down the temperature to 90. (Or 81 first and then 90) can I then keep addding chocolate chips?

I mean the tempered chocolate chips eventually melt to 90F . In this scenario would I theoretically be able to keep adding so called seeding chocolate? 

I mean some of the seeding chocolate will still be solid by the time the temp hits 90/92F. After stirring it eventually will all melt but that solid chocolate that ends up getting melted at 90F will temper too, soooooo when does adding solid chips become too much? 

anyone have any experience with this and temperimg machines (the larger ones like 5-50lbs)

Thanks for any advice fam.