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The Slow Melt Podcast

The Slow Melt Podcast
Friday January 27 – Friday February 10 2017
at Wordwide

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Please join us as we launch the first episode of The Slow Melt , the first podcast to cover the continuum of chocolate, with host, writer and creator Simran Sethi .

Episode 1: Chocolate is Multiple Chocolate, like love and truth, is multiple. This pilot episode gives an overview of the different people, places and processes involved in creating chocolate—and the steps involved in savoring it.

Guests include:
Brigitte Laliberté , coordinator of the Global Network for Cacao Genetic Resources (CacaoNet) and the Cocoa of Excellence initiative designed to award farmers for growing quality cocoa, on the diversity people, places and processes in chocolate.

Peter Schieberle , food chemist at Munich Technical University and director of the German Research Center for Food Chemistry, on the 600 flavor compounds in chocolate and how a small percentage of them come together to actually create the aroma we adore.

Eagranie Yuh , Vancouver-based chocolate educator and author of The Chocolate Tasting Kit , on dominant flavors in chocolate and how to best discover them.

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