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By: zhemin Park
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Acuturally i do not have any experience in chocolate but i like chocolate , Chocolate already been part of my life, So i am just asking myself that why don't make a good chocolate shop in china while china chocolate market is going to more demand since chinese getting accept chocolate ,and they would like to buy chocolate as gift to send their friend ,parents etc .. Running a shop is not eazy and need to plan well before u open, I am happy to met chocolate life which i benifit from this website alot , Here i really would like to give my best wishes to The Chocolate Life. Thanks alot for your service.I will really appreciated if i can get one partner who can plan and exchange idea each other and he/she also interesting in do chocolate buiness in china , i am would like to open few chocolate shop in few differrents city in china . I hope i will meet right person soon.God blessing u all.David park


08/11/09 07:40:53PM @jim2:
David,I am not a chocolate manufacturer but I am a famrer of cocoa beans. I live and work in Brazil where we have many years of experience with chocolate and cocoa. Contact me at cacaufarmer@yahoo.com if you are interested in having connections in Brazil.Best regardsJim Lucas
John M Rossini
08/10/09 09:32:03AM @john-m-rossini:
Hi David,Two weeks ago I send samples to a small distributor in China. Perhaps you and I should talk to see if there is a way for all of us to work on this. Please contact me when you get a chance. Thanks! John.rossini@TravelChocolate.com (718-841-7030 e 1)