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rick boosey
07/09/14 07:41:36PM @rick-boosey:

Hi Ana,

Sorry for the delay. Production has kept me from getting to the UPS store. I will get over there tomorrow, figure out the cost for shipping and then send you the Paypal invoice. I will ship via ground to keep the cost down.

rick boosey
07/08/14 02:23:14PM @rick-boosey:

Where is your address ? I will get the freight calculated and send you an invoice for $384 (32 molds @ $12 each) + ground UPS (or USPS if you desire.

Do you have a paypal account ?

thanks...rick boosey


rick boosey
07/08/14 02:13:40PM @rick-boosey:

Hi Ana,

I can do 32 for $12 each or willing to drop $9.50 for all 64.