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Volker Lehmann
05/29/11 05:55:17 @volker-lehmann:
Hi Art, would be my pleassure, to explore what you like.
02/13/10 13:12:53 @kristina:
(just because I assume, you haven't got a feedvack from such an "exotic" part of the world yet...)Thank you for the great Ocumare!Since Ocumare de la Costa was my first most striking sensation about single origin chocolates, I have a special relation even to this word (and chocolate, of course) :) and it was simply great to ecperience, the original taste can even be espanded!Verry expressiv!
Robert Stout
01/02/10 23:20:49 @robert-stout:
Quick question: What's the best chocolate you have tasted (besides Amano)?
kwasi sefa
02/19/09 13:34:25 @kwasi-sefa:
dear sirwe arelooking for companies to set up small scale cocoa processing company in ghana west africa can you help usrgdsmr kwasi