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Making Artisanal Cocoa Butter -- Guatemala

Duration: 00:05:51
A quick and dirty edit of the footage I shot while processing 300 lbs of cacao into cocoa butter. Unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot the gigantic winnower in action. You can see it behind the gentleman who's pouring the roasted beans into the grinder. It blew through the 300 lbs in under 3 minutes!


Ernesto Bugarin Pantua Jr.
11/25/11 07:22:15AM @ernesto-bugarin-pantua-jr:

Thanks for sharing

Carlos Eichenberger
11/13/09 11:37:23AM @carlos-eichenberger:
Annick,Thank you for your kind words. It's OK for you to use the video as long as proper credit is given.
Annick Vliegen
11/13/09 04:52:03AM @annick-vliegen:
very interesting this video. It gives you a better idea how it works in the artisanal way. Can I use it as a part of a chocolate website I want to make in my own language?Thanks for the footage up to now!Annick
Langdon Stevenson
01/16/09 09:16:26PM @langdon-stevenson:
Hi Cheebs,Can you tell me what the daily production capacity of this press is? I.e. how many batches it can process per day?Langdon
Carlos Eichenberger
11/03/08 10:53:03AM @carlos-eichenberger:
Clay,The press is Korean-made. The capacity is about 10 liters of liquor per batch. It's about 26-27% efficient for cocoa liquor. The owner uses it for pressing other types of oil as well, mostly sesame and pumpkin seed. If I recall correctly, he said it cost somewhere around $30k (ouch).I'm located in Guatemala City, the capital.
Clay Gordon
11/03/08 09:35:44AM @clay:
My questions are - who made the butter press, what is the capacity per batch, how much does it cost, and where the heck in Guatemala are you located?