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By: Casey
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Colin Gasko has released his next three origin chocolates Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Trinidad. Like his first two releases, these chocolates are all 70%.My earlier post about Rogue Chocolatier has all the background info and includes reviews of the first two bars, Ocumare and Sambirano. Trinidad and Hispaniola chocolates were purchased at Kitchen Window, and the Jamaica was purchased at Surdyk's. All are currently available on the Rogue website . Word from Colin is that Ocumare stocks are depleted, and everything else is about 3/4 of the way there, and he says there are only about 50 Sambirano left. He says that after it's all gone he may focus mainly on making Hispaniola for awhile. As my review below would indicate, these three are as much a success as the first two, with the Jamaica perhaps being Colin's best work to date. So everyone is encouraged to get all of these chocolates while they still can! Here are a couple of media updates, if you want to have a virtual visit to Colin's factory. A video from local TV, and an NPR radio segment.


Hispaniolaorigin: Northern Dominican Republicrating: 8.9The aroma comes out with a very strong pia colada sensation, which returns again in the finish. There is a strong perfume or floral essence that I cannot yet name. The flavor has a wonderful intense plum. Evokes waterfalls and canyons. This chocolate is distinctive and delicious. Add to that a long and tangy finish, and all in all this Hispaniola makes for a unique and memorable taste experience.aroma: banana, leather, pia colada, mango juice, raspberry, wine, cherry, honey, twigs, almonds, dirt, champagne, pine, cinnamon, red licorice, sweet tarts, cognac, perfume/cologne/floral, blueberryflavor: pine, cherry, wine, plum, grapefruit, olive, red currant, sunshine, lemonade, berry jam, fig newtonfinish: wine, ash, blackberry, leather, mango, papaya, pia colada, watermelon rind, grape juice, bermuda onion, whiskey, lemon, honey, freshest milk, orange, pear, caramelTrinidadrating: 8.9Now those of you who have read the earlier post may recall that when I visited the Rogue factory, I tasted an early sample of this bar, and found it much fruitier than my other experiences with Trinidad, which I have also very much enjoyed, the Amadei and Pralus. In that sample the coconut was intense and very forward and there was also a wallop of banana in the flavor. Now that Colin has tweaked this chocolate a bit more, it has changed a tiny bit. The banana was here in the flavor this time, but less so, and the coconut was really subdued, really not in the flavor but mainly the aroma. Very strong pine notes in the flavor. This chocolate has a nice buzz to it, and then later comes out with a calming effect accompanied by soothing caramel notes.aroma: coffee, leather, tent, pine forest, spruce, blackberry, cologne, cedar, pine nuts, mushroom, pine bark, molasses, coconut, pia colada, strawberry, dew, grass, melon, orchid, sea breeze, champagne, pineapple, golden honey, caramelflavor: pine, banana, apple, orchid, cranberry, macadamia, strawberryfinish: cherry, wood, caraway, leather, mushroom, blossoms, clove, blueberry, burnt sugar, graham cracker pie crust with cream pie, cinnamon, caramel, lime, grass, dirt, turpentine, soy, mildew, olive, peppermint, salt, plum, honey, coffee with a little lemon caramelJamaicarating: 9.3Delicious flavor and quite an aroma very complex. This is a refreshing and satisfying chocolate with a lovely orange honey sailing in and out of the long and interesting finish. Forward champagne/berry dominates the flavor and aroma, but is balanced by plenty of interesting earthy elements and spice.aroma: leather, champagne, coffee, black pepper, raspberry, ocean, pistachio, patchouli, pineapple, clove, cinnamon, coconut, burlap, licorice, nut, rye, dried cherry, peach, pine forest, oat, sourdough, jade, djram, pine nuts, chestnut, oak, muddy water, raisin, carrots, green pepper, grapeflavor: cinnamon, paint, tarp, floral, nutmeg, raspberry, oreos, pineapple, fig, strawberry, yogurt, clove, mintfinish: mud bath, clay, dirt, banana, mint, wood, cherry, rose, lime, sea urchin, starfish, gelatin, metal, burlap, bread, orange blossom honey, honeysuckle, moist woods, cinnamon, rye, caramel, oat, nuts, rust, cereal grains, evergreen, cigarette tobacco, mist, must, pearlsCross posted from Chocolate Note