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Signature 10 Piece Gift Box - Outside
Signature 10 Piece Gift Box - Inside
Tasters' 5 Piece Box - Outside
Tasters' 5 Piece Box - Inside
Intimate 2 Piece Gift Box - Outside
Intimate 2 Piece Gift Box - Inside
Neo Easter
Christine Doerr
Moody Bittersweet Nib
Freshly Zested Lime at twilight



Eric Cayton
08/28/09 16:46:14 @eric-cayton:
LOL...yes so I've heard.....they did that to Jacque Torres, and I think he basically told them to "kiss" off! (good for him....I love Jacque, he always seems so happy!)
Eric Cayton
08/28/09 12:12:53 @eric-cayton:
Well Christine, it is very apparent in your photos, that you must care deeply about your work.....I'm very impressed, and I especially enjoy the very upscale and artisanal presentation you is actually quite similar to the type of presentation I wish to make with my products! (don't worry.....I'll try not to be a copy-cat...LOL)Well....being from Hershey (5th generation actually)......I think my company will fit right into the community here, BUT, there is always that thought in the back of my mind, that we hope Hershey (the company) doesn't interfere, IF we are successful! (were brand new)Thankyou for writing me, it's always nice to hear from other Artisan Chocolatiers! ~Eric
Eric Cayton
08/28/09 11:18:45 @eric-cayton:
Hi Christine, I was just admiring your work in your photos......VERY nice!Eric ~ Derry Church Artisan Chocolates HERSHEY, PA!
08/03/09 05:31:21 @deniz:
Thank you very much Christine. The site is really very helpful.Regards,
07/15/09 07:02:36 @deniz:
Hi Christine,Thank you for your warm welcome...Your chocolates looks so yummy, I wish to taste them.Congratulations for your new award.I am thinking to open a shop that you have.I had my own bakery shop for 8 years, then I moved to Australia.I did some moulded chocolates.This time I will open a chocolate shop in Australia.That is going to be a small shop having production at the back.I think about to make guitar cut chocolates, some moulded chocolates, coated almonds etc.I need to buy a guitar, a tempering machine, an enrobing machine, a coating pan.Could you please give me some advice about the best brands, machinery and equipment.I am searching for a couple of weeks and I could not decide which I have to buy.What kind of machinery you have in the kitchen?I am open all your suggestion.Many thanks in advance and sorry about my bad English :)
04/03/09 07:23:36 @ilana:
Yes JPW is amazing! But there are a few errors in Ganache 2 which he discovered during a course!! I also want the book and have not ordered it yet!! Your work is gorgeous.
Tina Tweedy
03/31/09 18:57:09 @tina-tweedy:
Thanks Christine! Such a small world :)
Langdon Stevenson
01/06/09 16:44:17 @langdon-stevenson:
Nice photos Cocoa Gal :-) It looks like you have put a lot of effort into those shots.