i got 400kg of very good quality cocoa sitting at fazenda ipiranga in bahia brazil

Cortland Manik
12/08/14 05:41:19PM

The cacao on the plantation is mixed, forestrero, nacional and trinitario.. the names of the kinds are Catongo, Para, Parazinho and a trinitario imported from trinidad in the 90's.. as of now you can only have the blend.. but it is very good.. well fermented (5days) and sundried (5-6days depending) and then selected by hand to insure the beans are all grade A and the variation in size is acceptable.. acidity is very low and the flavor bouquet is well rounded.. there is a high percentage of white beans in the mix insuring a mild taste even at high cocoa content in the chocolate.

any interest??

i dont have the phyto sanitary certificate yet so the US is out of the question.. so it's UK or mainland EU all the way.. 10kg=130 euros shipping included .. 15-18 busisness days delivery time .. this is as direkt trade as it gets.. and fair.. hit me up for questions!

I will make the transactions thru etsy.com so both parties are insured.