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Are you looking to start a chocolate business? Want to talk to others who've been there or done that - or have you been there and done it and want to share with others? This is the place to discuss it.

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Nicole Gibson

Production Consultant/Mentor Required

@Nicole Gibson started 9 months ago - replies: 0
Marc Laucks

I can be your eyes and ears at Pack Expo East

@Marc Laucks started 10 months ago - replies: 2

Stone grinder vs. Ball Mill

@holguinbock started 11 months ago - replies: 0

Have Cocoa Trees

@Zanild started last year - replies: 0

Chocolate captured with fungus

@Aarti started last year - replies: 0
Dave Huston

FYI. Santha Spectra 11 Motors

@Dave Huston started last year - replies: 1
Andy Ciordia

Building a Pitch / Press Release

@Andy Ciordia started 8 years ago - replies: 2


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