Organising Tasting Events :: Best Practices & Tips

Evert-Jan De Kort (
09/11/09 06:28:59
hi all,I have absolutely no experience in chocolate tasting events, but I'm planning to launch that idea in my area as a side project business for me, focused on single origin cacao bars. In order to get a good view on planning & organizing such an event, I registered to my first chocolate tasting event in London hosted by the people from seems though that there are many people here on TheChocolateLife who already setup and/or joined such chocolate tastings (and yes I've read Clay's book too :-)), so I'm looking forward to hear from all your best practices and tips!Amount of people, drinks, pairings, supplied materials, should they all taste at the same pace the same bars, or just let them go at their own, do newbies need a lot of introduction,.... etc.All you experienced info to boost the fun is really welcome and could only help me and all others reading along.looking forward to all of your shared stories!Evert-Jan / Choqoa