Chocolate Tasting on Facebook

Kyle Giesbrecht
02/23/10 22:53:39
I have recently started a group on Facebook called "Chocolate Tasting" (the only one of it's kind that I have found)

I am in the very early stages (started last week) of getting it up and growing, experimenting with various marketing/advertising schemes, etc.. If anyone here is interested in promoting their events on this growing page I would be more than happy to help promote it! We can also possibly work out a deal where I promote your website or event in exchange for some chocolate tasting tips to be shared with my followers. Whatever, I'm flexible. In the future I hope to have a website selling my own chocolate related products, but for now I am just learning, and getting all the info I can, and learning as much about the business as I can.

If this peaks anyones interest, just message me on here!