spotty/swirly color variegated 'backs'

Amaleah Brigitte Black-Smiley
09/21/13 06:36:02PM

Newcomer question...

Just starting to hand temper chocolate coming out of tabletop Cocoatown wet stone 'Deluxe' grinder. Ran for over 48 hours ...did not add heat otherwise, added extra butter lateish. No lecithin. Yes inclusions. Bottom of chocolates exposed to air (set up in Tupperware type containers placed moulds in) came out spotty/swirly backed. Great color diferentiation between spots and not spots, or swirls and not swirls. good color consistency through the center of the chocolate, happy with taste , consistency and mouthfeel for now.... just spotty (really spotty/and some swirly) on the back of the chocolates exposed to the air. Scooped and poured with ice creme scooper. Mistakenly forgot to check/adjust temp on that metal tool, as was suggested.

Also, tool or process recommended to 'cut' or slice this thin layer off or otherwise 'correct' the backs of these to salvage spotty/swirly backed batch is additional question...

Any sharing of insight into how to correct this back spotting/swirling?

Thanks in advance! :)