Please help: Simple chocolate mold filling - I need a ball park: e.g. 2 employees working 8 hours each could make 1,000 pieces per day total, etc..

Jonathan Steiner
11/06/13 11:54:29AM
Hello!I am working on my business plan and need to draw on your expertise please.If you have a simple template spreadsheet that you wouldn't mind sharing, that would be much appreciated:I need to come up with a ball park: e.g. 2 employees working 8 hours each could make ?,000 pieces per day total, etc..Here is what I am starting with to come up with the figure:Simple chocolate mold filling: Assuming I have a counter top tempering machine, counter top vibrating table, .7 oz polycarbonate molds that are going to be filled with milk chocolate, then cooled on cooling racks for approximately 15 min, popped out and packaged in small plastic boxes - is there anyway to figure out how many a production worker could make per 8 hour shift?These will be sold wholesale in cases, not individually shipped.No frills with this product, sounds boring I know but really appreciate your help and/or direction.Example of starting equipment:1 each: tempering machine: REVOLATION X3210- Capacity: 10 lbs1 each table top melter - Capacity: 3 kg / 6.5 lbs1 each: vibrating table: THE VIBE40 each: Shallow Cavity - Polycarbonate MoldApprox. Cavity Dimensions: 3" x 2" x .5"# of Cavities: 5Approx. Chocolate/Cavity: .7 ozApprox. Chocolate/Mold: .21 lbs# of Pieces/lb: 223 each: cooling racks with sheet pansThank you SO MUCH! I really appreciate itJonathan