Informal Directory of Cacao Farmers in Hawaii

Clay Gordon
05/25/10 08:24:30AM
The purpose of this discussion is to create a place where Hawaiian cacao farmers can identify themselves to other members of the Hawaiian cacao community as well as to people looking to source quality beans from Hawaii.

If you are a cacao farmer working in Hawaii and are currently offering beans for sale - or want to or intend to offer beans for sale at some point in the future - you are encouraged to identify yourself in a reply to this discussion.

If you know of a cacao farmer working in Hawaii who should be listed in this directory, please add them, OR, get in touch with them to let them know to add themselves to this list.

PLEASE! Put each entry into its own reply to make it easier to find them and organize them later on.

It's not necessary to give explicit contact information (web robots may scrape phone numbers and e-mail addresses), but please indicate the nearest town/city and island where you are working. You can (and probably should) indicate whether or not you are making chocolate or plan to make chocolate from the beans you grow.