Chocovison x3210 versus Delta

Dorothy Rackley
05/12/14 07:30:23PM

Hi everyone,

I currenlty own a bakery and am just starting in the chocolate business. I want to purchase my first tempering machine. I am particularly interested in Chocovsion's x3210 or their Delta. Can any of you comment on which you prefer and why? Are there other brands/models that are comparable that would work for someone new to the chocolate world?

I need a temperer that will work for several years before I need to upgrade, and my space is small. I think a batch temperer is better for me -- mostly dipping in small batches -- than a continuous tempering machine. One of the reasons I like Chocovision is that they told me I can upgrade any purchase with them as my business grows.

Any help/recommendations would be appreciated.