Glistening beans during roasting

Hi, I'm fairly new to chocolate making. I was making my 11th batch yesterday and, for the first time, used Ghana (washed) beans. During the roast...
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Tao Watts

Fixing the Santha 20

Can someone please walk me through, step by step, disassembling the Santha 20. Ever since the first use, it has had an UNBEARABLE high pitched...
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Jospeh Grice

Did I miss something?

I just recieved my bean roaster and am in the process of getting my other equipment to begin my little chocolate journey...I figured the only thing...
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First Bean to Bar Batch: troubleshooting flavor

I just finished my first bean to bar batch, and I'm afraid I under-roasted. What would be the clues that point me in that direction? I roasted to a...
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chalky flavour

Hi there I have been working with two beans and one of them has a funny texture to it that I can't seem to get rid of. It is an Ecuador based...
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Clay Gordon

Equipment used to make chocolate

Discussion moved from this page (which has the live links). Originally posted by: Annette Jimison.### REPOST ###For small batches of chocolate,...
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Robert Osgood

frozen cacao beans

Has anyone made chocolate from raw, frozen cacao beans. My situation is that I never have enough cacao pods on my 10 trees to make a decent batch...
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Home roasting beans with delicate flavour notes

Hi, I've recently purchased some Criollo bean stock and want to be careful roasting them. Previously, I've roasted on a perforated baking sheet in...
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