Fixing the Santha 20

Tao Watts
05/28/14 07:34:28PM

Can someone please walk me through, step by step, disassembling the Santha 20. Ever since the first use, it has had an UNBEARABLE high pitched squeal when in use. I have received info from Kumar, and he suggested re-calibrating the motor speed in the box, which we had tried several times. This did not really help. I am thinking that perhaps I need to check the belt? We replaced the belts on the Santha 11, but the tank is easily removed, and the housing is easy enough to take off and put back together. Not so sure that this is true of the 20, especially because of the weight of it, and also that the tank is not "removable"...but of course, we know it is...just how? We are in Costa Rica, so sending it back to Kumar and being without it for several months (plus the whole shipping ordeal) is not an option. We must learn how to service our own equipment would appreciate any help we can get on how to do it.



Samaritan Xocolata

Costa Rica