Maren Muter

packaging Chocolate ganache sauce

Recently I whipped up a few ganache sauces at a wine gala. They were such a hit people asked me to make some for them. The problem I have is how...
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Sarah Thieben

Trouble with my X3210 Revolation and Tempering information

Hello!I make gourmet toffee and slather it with Belgian chocolate. I originally started with a little Revolation 1 and although I found it always...
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Clay Gordon

What do you do with white chocolate?

I just came back from the World Pastry Forum and 2008 Amoretti World Pastry Team Championship but while I was there I was introduced to an...
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Patrick Sikes

What's your favoriate home tempering technique?

I have not had much luck tempering since moving to FL in 2006. I have a couple tempering machines (Chocovision, a small one and two big ones) and...
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health laws, etc for making chocolates at home??

i want to start a chocolate business at home and wondered if there are any laws around doing so, as with other food businesses...i have NO clue and...
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Clay Gordon

How do YOU make a ganache?

Do you chop the chocolate and pour the hot cream over it to melt, or do you melt the chocolate and incorporate the hot cream?What techniques do you...
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Clay Gordon

What's Easiest? Shell molds, hand-rolled, or enrobed/dipped?

About five years ago I was helping a small startup figure out what their business was going to be all about. We talked about their creative...
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Tempering Chocolate: How could we serve our chocolate shine?

hi joe, continuing from your previous reply actually yes I don't use refrigerator to temper it, because I don't have that. so I change it with...
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