sabrina hicks

What this group is about...

"[Giving Back] is for TCL members interested in finding ways to directly lend a hand."Does "directly" mean by promoting certain companies, or by...
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Clay Gordon

IMO "Fair for Life"

Ben Ripple mention IMOs (Institute for Marketecology) Social for Life (it's actually Fair for Life). I thought it useful to break out the comment...
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Solis Lujan

Fair Trade

i do not think Fair Trade is fair at all. Consumers buy Fair Trade products because they think they are doing something to help the small farmer...
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Clay Gordon

Madre Chocolate-From the Road in Xoconusco, Chiapas

Hola and Aloha everyone, from Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico! Thanks a million to everyone who's backed us, we're forever indebted to you, and we're...
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Clay Gordon

What's "Fair"?

There is more than a little controversy about the effectiveness of "Fair Trade" and what it actually means for individual cacao farmers.While I...
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