Fair Trade

Solis Lujan
04/07/11 00:05:39

i do not think Fair Trade is fair at all. Consumers buy Fair Trade products because they think they are doing something to help the small farmer get better prices for their crops. The benefits do not trickle down to the farmers, they stay with the company who in turn uses some of the money to advertise what a great job they are doing for the planet. Umm, does not seem too good to me.

I think it is mega important to give back, I have a set 10% of net that I will donate to organization that I know do good work. At one time thought I would be donating to some organization that had to do with cacao, now I am putting my attention to the wild animals and the ocean creatures. It is ethically important for me to do something that is right, not just a little right. So I do not support Fair Trade.

On that note, I have to say it makes me feel awful to see so many friends doing their best to be conscious and buy all that they can that is Fair Trade. I sometimes can't brake it to them and sometimes they can't believe that Fair Trade is not all it is hyped up to be.