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05/18/08 07:28:46AM
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I couldnt see the relevant place to post this so I thought Uncategorised would do for the min.As you can guess im rather new to this chocolate life world but from what I have seen so far it contains a great choccy mad community :D :D great stuff. I look forward to further discussion with you all.As a means on introducing myself my name is Jim and im currently studying for my degree in the UK... I run a website called 'Chocolate Mission' which the main focus is with finding 'The best chocolate bar in the world' if you guys have the time it would be great for you to come check it out and give me any feedback. www.chocolatemission.net Im very glad I have joined and look forward to talking to you all.ThanksJim
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05/18/08 10:54:50PM
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Jim- A sincere welcome to The Chocolate Life. I've seen your site before and just went through it again. It's well done and fun to go through. I liked reading the reviews. My feedback is in relation to your search for the best "chocolate" bar. Great mission, but there is very little chocolate in the 12 bars on your top five list. Even if you extracted the chocolate from all 12 and combined it. I know there are members of TCL who share your enjoyment of these bars. I also read your profile. You're mission is light hearted. I just prefer we give them another label. "The Best Candy Bar in the World!" Keep up the great site though. Brady
05/19/08 05:45:27PM
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Hi Jim! Nice to see you on the forum.I bet folks here will be able to recommend some chocolate that will blow your mind.(But I also like "candy bars" too and find no fault with that.)The big question, I guess, is what fits into your mission ... can it be a bar that costs $8 (I don't know what that is in pounds these days) or does it need to be more accessible. I'm rather fond of the Chocovic from Spain as a really good quality, affordable chocolate brand (I can get a 100 gram bar for $2 at Trader Joe's).
05/19/08 07:29:09PM
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Hi all,Thanks for all your kind words..I must pay particular homage to Cybele who really helped me when I first started my site..she really pointed me in the right direction with my site and has been instrumental in is ever continuing development.As regards to the whole chocolate bar/candy bar issue its really just a clashof cultural classification...I can see 100% what you guys are all saying however what we classify here in the UK as a 'chocolate bar' is not entirely aligned with what you guys classify as a 'chocolate bar' in the states.You see in the UK we are far more lassiez faire....a 'chocolate bar' could be anything...a minimal chocolate containing Snickers or a 100% cocoa solids fancy bar from Venezula could both come under that terminology...I know in the States you would classify something like a Snickers as a 'candy bar' but this terminiology just is very rarely used here for whatever reason...as I said its just a clash of cultural definitions.As regards to changing my website name...this wont be happening as I a) dont have enough money to buy the domans or b) feel like rebranding my website at present with it just starting to take off readerwise.Cybele - As I say in my profile nothing is off limits at ChocolateMission... its a light hearted website which takes bars /products at face value....I will review anything I want regardless of price/size/colour/content .... I dont like rigid rules you see.Thanks again for the input everyone! Nice to see some intresting debate risen already :DJim www.chocolatemission.net


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