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Corey Meyer
12/11/13 07:19:35AM
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It's about that time where we are outgrowing the commercial kitchen we manufacture in right now. We're starting to look into our own space. We are trying to figure out what we need. How much space everything will take up, etc.The plan is to do manufacturing and possible have a very small retail space in the front.We have a selmi Color temperer. We bake cookies. Need cold and dry storage. Production area.We would love to hear any ideas you might have and if your semi - local to the NYC area and are willing to give a tour, that would be fantastic!Corey
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Adriennne Henson
12/12/13 09:10:56PM
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Hi Corey,

Do you make plain dark chocolate bars or gluten free items?

I live in the new york city area

Corey Meyer
12/12/13 09:25:14PM
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Adrienne,We make chocolate covered candied jalapeos, candied jalapeos and chocolate dipped marshmallows. They are all gluten free.Corey
12/14/13 07:54:21AM
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I may have the exact space that you are describing become available in late spring. You can view a part of it in a video that I recently posted. PM me for contact info or send email to

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