I just wanted to show my new website and get some feedback!

Steven Shipler
04/18/14 12:51:45AM
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Just uploaded my new website! I wanted to get some feedback on what you all think of it!

The url is www.stonegrindz.com

We have been working really hard on updating this, so be critical.

Thank you so much!!

updated by @steven-shipler: 04/12/15 03:09:02PM
04/18/14 01:32:52AM
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I checked your site out on my iPhone. The home page is nice. It was difficult to get to where I could buy something.
The reviews aren't spaced right for the phone width. I would make the review box a touch more narrow.
On the page with the bars there were a bunch of $7 or $6. What is that about? They weren't linked. It was wierd.
I like your descriptions.

The blog was odd that it repeated the posts.
Thanks for sharing.
Please take a look at my screenshots.
04/18/14 01:34:40AM
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Only one photo attached last time.
Steven Shipler
04/18/14 04:08:40PM
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Yeah the $7 symbols I created in photoshop and they look really nice on the computer but when it is on the phone it puts them at the bottom, I used them to cover the small $7.00 that the site automatically puts for the price of the item. Thank you for pointing that out, I will have to check that out and figure out if there is a way to separate the two so it doesn't do that.

And I will narrow the box that has the reviews of our chocolate in it! Thank you so much for being so detailed I seriously appreciate it.

Steven Shipler
04/18/14 04:19:07PM
25 posts

Check it all out now!! I figured out how to just do edits on the mobile page specifically!!

José Crespo
04/18/14 07:09:45PM
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Looks great! Love the rolling hi-res pictures. You should consider accepting bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin payments can be done a processor like Bitpay ( https://bitpay.com ). You actually never touch the digital currency, the processor deposits next day in your local currency. A lot cheaper that Paypal or any other CC processor and no chargebacks. You just insert your business to a new and flourishing economy, with, quite possibly, zero risk.

Clement Olando Bobb
04/18/14 07:15:27PM
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I see no flaws. I like the site very much. Kinda jumps at you, and gets to the point: 'We are real good at what we do'!

Congratulations !!!

Wendy Gail
04/29/14 07:53:13PM
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Your website is very nice. I especially love your candy bar wrappers. They are too nice to open.

04/30/14 10:39:41PM
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Nice photos and a good explanation of your chocolate making process.

You have very pretty and enticing packaging. Good choice!

A small correction-- typo- on the Grinding/ Conching page ( http://www.stonegrindz.com/# !grinding/c1l7b) "loscious" should be luscious"

Steven Shipler
04/30/14 11:10:05PM
25 posts

Wow! Thank you so much. That is a really solid find.

Fixing now!

Miguel Pujols
05/22/14 10:29:55PM
20 posts

Hello Steven, as I see the page was created on www.wix.com platform which is pretty good when you have no web design/programming knowledge and would like to have an acceptable website. As an advice I would recommend you to spend a few more dollars (maybe later when business grows up) to a web designer who will be able to develop a better site and also make it responsive, which means that will show the content the same way in virtually any device, no matter how big/small is the user's screen size.

Hope you take this just as a friendly advice, and if you need any help finding a good designer, I know a couple here in Dominican Republic that could help you with that, or also you can go to www.freelancer.com and hire any person for an affordable amount.


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