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José Crespo
05/17/14 06:15:55PM
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I'm from Puerto Rico and started with the Theobroma Cacao fascination some time last year when I was recovering from an sports injury. In our family farm, there is an adult cacao tree that was planted some time ago but the pods were never collected for other than indulging with the sweet pulp covering the seeds and spitting them out.

Having all the time in the world to read and learn while recovering, I started researching about the tree and why, although having a perfect weather, Puerto Rico does not produce cacao as a main commercial crop.

I read a lot and learned a lot about agroforestry cultivating methods and all about varieties and history of this amazing tree.

Fast forward to this day, I started a small nursery (growing!) at the family farm where I planted some trees using high yield clonal material provided by theTARSand some other naturalized varieties introduced by Spanish colonization in the 1,600's, among them some "criollo" jbaro.

I plan to acquire another farm to establish a new agroforestry project with theobroma cacao as the main crop with other tropical fruits as cash crops and possible ingredients for a future bean to bar venture.

I'm here to keep learning and make some friends with the same passion.


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Andy Ciordia
05/20/14 04:38:24PM
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Hi Jose! I have extended family in Vega Baja so a fond hello to you and yours. Welcome to The Chocolate Life. Lots of different people here with a vast array of knowledges. Hope it can be of help to you in your growth. :)

José Crespo
05/21/14 11:56:03AM
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That's great! The information and resources available and already found here are invaluable!Thanks!


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